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    Friday, November 1, 2013

    I can't believe how fast time flies. It's 1st November, 2 more months for a brand new year!
    What an eventful year it is. Relocating again to a quiet colonial town which is around 3-4 hours drive from kl. Taiping, true to its name, is a very serene and peaceful town. Just like my hometown, it's describe as the best place to raise kids and paradises for pensioners.
    The main reason why I was moving here is because I was placed in a high need school at Changkat Jering - another smaller town nearby.
    I am a teacher, a fellow with teach for Malaysia - a nonprofit organization focusing on ending education inequity in Malaysia.  This program is a two years full commitment fellowship, and presented as a leadership development program. No, no...you are reading it wrong. A teacher is not only a leader but also a long list of non teaching roles.
    As what school does at the end of year, we finished our end of year exam last Wednesday. I am beyond nervous and anxious, marking my students papers. The results are not bad, average but I still believe that they can do better. They just haven't reach their full potential, yet.
    Put aside the academic performances, I can see that my students are becoming more confident now in the classroom or outside, they are more interested in learning compared  to early in the year. What I see lacking are goals and determination determination. I can't fully blame them as they are deprived of role models, access to a lot of important stuff and teachers who settled easily for what they saw in the kids literally, but not that prevcious gems hiding underneath their skins.
    My kids, I have not try hard enough for you all this year. But we still have one more year to polish your graphite and turn into diamond. But you, you need to give your all and your very best.